Weekly Winners

This is my first Weekly Winners.  My mom over at Diapers to Dating made convinced asked me to do it so I figured it would.  Thanks for stopping by.

Head over to Lotus’s to see more Weekly Winners


16 Responses to “Weekly Winners”

  1. You know at first glance, the turtle almost looks like your mom’s tree picture. LOL Good Job!

  2. I love that turtle’s face! Awesome!

    Hey, thanks so much for playing… in the future, please put the direct link to you WW post into the Mr. Linky, rather than the link to your main website. We need to be able to click that link anytime in the future and come right to a Weekly Winners post. 😉

  3. Those are wonderful. Welcome to Weekly Winners! 🙂

  4. Oh cool shots! Glad you’re joining in 🙂

  5. Love the turtle shots!

  6. very cool….I dig turtles

  7. Too cool… Great minds think alike, too; I have a turtle in yesterday’s Photohunt post.. Welcome Aboard the Weekly Winners Train. Chugga, chugga, and stuff!

  8. Yay for joining Weekly Winners! These are awesome shots, and turtles are cute.

  9. Welcome to Weekly Winners~I look forward to it every week 🙂

    Great captures of the turtle!

  10. Very cool shots! Welcome to weekly winners!

  11. Cool! You should always listen to your mom…

  12. What an adorable little turtle, yay for your mum *convincing* you to show us all your wonderful photos!! 🙂

  13. Very cool – what kind of turtle is that?

  14. These are great! Welcome to WW!!

  15. Love the Depth of Field on the second photo. Good work.

  16. I’m a huge turtle fan, and just love these pictures! Awesome job.

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